Where Do All the Books Come From?

So as New Books Playground is starting and we’re still owing you more explanations about our ideas and goals, here’s where we currently pull our book suggestions from:

    1. We do believe that the New York Times bestsellers list is useful, especially since we keep on finding some of our favorites here.
    2. Waterstones non-fiction books caught our eye when researching additional, you guessed it, non-fiction books. So far we haven’t been disappointed.
    3. We also appreciate IndieBound’s bestellers for they give us a glimpse at some other parts of the American and international books landscape.
    4. We use Publishers Weekly’s lists to attain extra diversity in the books we read and talk about.
    5. Of course, Amazon’s bestselling books are also relevant, for every reader. They are a useful source for us, too.
    6. Finally, we’re bringing in our very own favorites, and sometimes even our very own books, but that’s a deliberate feature and certainly not surprising.

This to give you a rough idea as to what we’re paying attention to. While we’re building New Books Playground we’re growing our pool of book sources (and the speed with which we read…) and will also share more about what’s important to us, what we’re up to, as well as more resources in general. Stay tuned!

Oh, experimental: We also offer entirely new authors to get featured on New Books Playground through Fiverr: Feature Your Book on New Books Playground. That is simply a test balloon compensating for our efforts and expenses.