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Book Spotlight: About the U.S. Coast Guard by Anthony M. Davis

Book Spotlight: About the U.S. Coast Guard by Anthony M. Davis

🇺🇸 Welcome to “About the U.S. Coast Guard,” a word search puzzle book like no other. Other word search books just have a list of words to find.

🇺🇸 This word search book is designed to inform, inspire, and ignite your curiosity about the incredible men and women who serve in the United States Coast Guard.

🇺🇸 Each puzzle comes with an insightful narrative page describing the Coast Guard missions, and occupational specialty opportunities for those looking for an exciting career.

🇺🇸 This collection of word search puzzles both entertains and sheds light on the vital work of the Coast Guard and its many career opportunities.

🇺🇸 Are you considering a career that combines excitement, purpose, and opportunity to make a difference?


🇺🇸 This remarkable branch of the military specializes in safeguarding our coasts, protecting our waters, and providing critical support in times of need.

🇺🇸 By exploring this puzzle book, you will gain valuable insights into the missions, enlisted and officer career paths, and the varied opportunities within active duty, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, Coast Guard Auxiliary, and civilian roles.


▶️ The Coast Guard has the distinction of being the oldest seagoing service in the United States.

▶️ The Coast Guard has a crucial role in intelligence operations. Individuals like you can contribute to national security through the Coast Guard’s intelligence efforts.

▶️ Unlike other branches of the military, the Coast Guard is also a federal law enforcement agency on the high seas and U.S. coastal waters.


🔹 Maritime Law Enforcement
🔹 Search and Rescue
🔹 Cyber Defense
🔹 Aviation
🔹 Intelligence Analysis
🔹 Marine Science
🔹 Engineering
🔹 and more!!

🇺🇸 Whether you’re a high school student in pursuit of your dreams, a parent aiming to support your child’s aspirations, or simply seeking to deepen your understanding of the Coast Guard, you’ve come to the right place.

🇺🇸 When you solve each word search puzzle, you’ll discover the multifaceted nature of Coast Guard service and educational and advanced training opportunities that come with it.


From search and rescue operations to maritime law enforcement, from environmental protection to national security, there is a remarkably diverse range of missions that Coast Guard men and women tackle each day.

🇺🇸 Their dedication and unwavering commitment ensure the safety and security of our nation’s vast coastlines, waters, and beyond.

🇺🇸 This book is a helpful resource for considering a career with the Coast Guard. It also helps families and friends to support and stand beside our brave men and women in uniform.

🇺🇸 Imagine the joy and connection when Coast Guard families work through these puzzles together, providing a glimpse into the world their loved ones navigate daily.

🇺🇸 The shared experiences can strengthen bonds and create a deeper appreciation for the many ways our men and women step up to support our nation and citizens.

🇺🇸 With this puzzle book, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the Coast Guard’s missions, and an appreciation for the importance of teamwork, leadership, and adaptability—all qualities that are instilled in every Coast Guard member.

🇺🇸 As you unravel the hidden words within each puzzle, you will discover the diverse careers available, including aviation, maritime safety, medical services, and more.

🇺🇸 Whether you are searching for a new direction or seeking to deepen your understanding of the Coast Guard, “About the U.S. Coast Guard” is the perfect starting point.

About Author Anthony M. Davis

As a Christian Practitioner, I believe that God created you as a person of value, regardless of your background, culture, religion, or any other factor.

God has blessed me in many ways and so my purpose is to help you recognize and develop your successes individually and professionally. My background allows me to understand the variety of issues that all of us face at different times in our life.

Whether I am working with you as an individual, a group, helping you create a strong, unified and efficient organization as a small company or large corporation, my purpose is to find the good within people and processes. We then use those skills as a team, allowing you to soar into new levels of success.

I’ve served in two military services, federal law enforcement, other government assignments, and I’ve led people and organizations to new professional heights in their careers.

In my very early years, I worked dirty and unpleasant jobs and I learned that all people are important and collectively we can create effective organizations.

As a creative individual, I’m also a bestselling author and an internationally published fine art photographer. I received a rating as one of the “Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World” for 2015 through 2017.


⭐️ Natural Health Practitioner
⭐️ Bestselling Author, “Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System”
⭐️ Bestselling Author, “Renewing Your Mind – Perspectives of a Christian Hypnotist”
⭐️ Author, “Covered From Above – A Shield From Injury or Death”
⭐️ Author, “About the U.S. Coast Guard: Semper Paratus Always Ready!!”
⭐️ Internationally Published Fine Art Photographer
⭐️ Maritime Investigator‚ U.S. Coast Guard (Military)
⭐️ Intelligence Analyst / Collection Requirements Mgr, U.S. Coast Guard Office of Law Enforcement / Intelligence (Civilian)
⭐️ Chief of Intelligence, U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, Mobile, Alabama (Military)
⭐️ Retired U.S. Coast Guard Officer
⭐️ Chief of the Maritime Investigations Branch, U.S. Coast Guard (Civilian)
⭐️ Founder / CEO of the Homeland Security Group
⭐️ U.S. Navy Helicopter Rescue Aircrew (HSL-31)

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